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Birth Mothers

“I hired Juliet for the birth of my first child. It was very important to me from the beginning of my pregnancy to have a natural labor, but I became very nervous as my due date crept closer. I worried that many of my wants for labor would be unattainable whether because of my lack of strength, or because of outside pressure from hospital staff or even my in-laws. At a good friend’s suggestion, I decided hiring a doula would be a great source of support to help me cope with natural labor and to be my birth advocate. Another fantastic benefit was that Juliet could guide my husband in helping me when I would be unable to communicate what I needed of him.

Leading up to my son’s birth, Juliet met with us twice and was an invaluable resource for information about natural labor. I only had a general idea of what my preferences were, and any time my husband or I had a question about anything, from delayed cord-clamping to breastfeeding, she took the time to gather information for us to make an informed decision on what we wanted. More than once, I felt that Juliet helped me make a better decision that I originally would have made, simply by giving me more information than I had known about. That said, she never tried to influence decisions; she just helped me to make educated choices. She helped guide my husband and I in writing a birth plan which was very important in letting all of our support team at the hospital be aware of our desires. Most importantly, she helped me to mentally prepare for the pain that I was absolutely terrified of and for how things might change during delivery so that I would not be caught off guard on the big day.

When I went into labor finally, Juliet was in contact with us the whole time by phone before I needed her to come to the house. Once she was with me, she helped me to find comfortable positions to be in and helped relieve pain through massage and counter-pressure. She also helped my husband do some of these things as well so he could be an active support rather than just a bystander, which was very important to him. With her support, I was able to labor at home until the last few hours. At the hospital, she continued to help me cope with the more difficult contractions and then through pushing. She even made sure my husband wasn’t hungry through labor and shared information with my in-laws in the waiting room so he didn’t have to leave me. She had impeccable timing when it came to what to do and when. I never once had a need that didn’t get attended to. When I felt like it was too much for me to bear anymore, she continually reminded me of what I wanted to accomplish, and that I was strong and capable. Hearing her say those things made all the difference to me.

Since my son’s birth, Juliet has continued to be amazingly helpful with postpartum questions and breastfeeding concerns. She is genuinely passionate about what she does and has a gift for caring for women in what is such an important time. Juliet helped to make my birth experience the most beautiful and powerful life-experience I’ve ever had and I cannot imagine her not having been there.” ~Jessica, Junction City


“This is so long over due but on May 26th Juliet Swedlund assisted me in bringing my beautiful baby boy into this world! I had truly an amazing and beautiful birth experience and I owe a huge part of that to her! I was able to have a natural birth which was something I wasn’t sure I could do. Juliet was by my side guiding me through each step and helped my husband feel more comfortable with his role in our sons birth. Juliet has such a sweet and calming spirit, which helped me through the difficult parts of my labor. If anyone is considering having a doula attend their birth I would highly recommend Juliet and know she will bring so much peace to your delivery! Thank you so much Juliet!!!!! We love you!” ~Daphne, Kansas City

Medical Professionals

“Juliet was extremely helpful during the labor process & recovery. She had a wonderful attitude the entire time. She embraced the patient’s wishes & helped her spiritually. Best doula I have ever worked with!” ~RN, Irwim Army Community Hospital

“Very helpful to patient during delivery.” ~OB, Irwin Army Community Hospital

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